(PLEASE NOTE WE ARE AT OUR NEW BUILDING – 150 PREMIER DR) This is a link to your estimate for the requested services. Please first APPROVE the job(which makes it visible on my side), then We can confirm the appointment date by text message. **WORK MUST BE APPROVED** & Signed on the following screen or our software does not confirm your appointment. If you make the approval at a later time, any appointment day We have discussed may be filled. Please note: we are a cashless business. Thank you.

(PLEASE NOTE WE ARE AT OUR NEW BUILDING – 150 PREMIER DR) We open at 8:30am, the key drop box is at the front door if needed night before or before we open. If dropping off after 8:30am, just bring the key in to anyone and tell them your last name to check-in. Thank you.


This is a link to your estimate to review for repair services. The inspection results tab at the top will show any recommendations and have any photos or videos attached that we may have taken. Let us know if you have any questions, then click APPROVE on all jobs we are to perform, click NEXT, SIGN, and AUTHORIZE the green button. This alerts us, gets work in queue, and part orders placed quickly. APPROVAL IS REQUIRED before beginning all jobs. (*Please do not arrive without approving OR declining ALL jobs as your vehicle may have parts disassembled and will not be ready for pickup). *We will notify you when the vehicle is ready for pickup in either case*. Thank you.


We have completed work on your vehicle. We like to offer fast pickup service for you, so we use an online payment system only (NO IN-PERSON PAYMENTS). You will receive a separate SMS link from our card processor SwipeSimple(**it comes from a different phone number**). Please use that link to pay online prior to pickup. After payment is complete, if you need to pickup after 5pm closing time, please confirm with me so I can put your key somewhere(typically on top of the passenger front tire). Thank you.

Thank you very much. Your key is on top of the passenger front tire for pickup any time. Please consider leaving us a Google/Facebook review if we met your expectations and let me know if w did not so I can correct our processes.

So I can setup a repair ticket, what is your full name, email address, and the vehicle’s license plate please?

Hi, This is Derek at 55 Auto Works. I had a missed call from you. How can I help?

While your vehicle was here I noticed some paint and/or body damage. If you would like any information on repairing that or starting an insurance claim, please let me know. Premier Auto Body is my other business and also located here in the same building. Our estimator could write it up and discuss next steps with you.