Detailing Services

Professional Detailing Services

Vehicle detailing is not a one size fits all service. Your car is cared for based on its’ particular needs. Below is a general listing of services we can provide. Each service is tailored to your situation, so please tell us your concerns so we can best address them.


Gold Level Service $150-$180, Please Allow Up To 6 Hours

Hand Wash Exterior With Eco-Friendly Car Wash System

Remove Bug And Tar Residue

Paint Surface Decontamination To Remove Bonded Surface Contaminants From Paint

Clean & Dress Wheels & Tires

Clean Exterior Glass

Wipe Down Exterior Black Trim

Vacuum All Carpet, Floor Mats & Seats

Dust & Clean Dash, Console & Steering Wheel

Clean Door Panels & Pillars

Clean Door Jambs & Interior Glass

Basic Upholstery, Leather, Or Vinyl Cleaning

Platinum Level Service $280-$360, Please Allow Up To 9 Hours

Includes Everything Above Plus

1-Stage Paint Polishing To Restore Gloss

Paint Sealant For Longer Lasting Protection

Additional Final Wax Coat


Pre-Sale Or New Purchase Clean & Inspection Starting at $150, Please Allow 4 Hours

Hand Wash Exterior

Clean & Dress Wheels & Tires

Clean Interior & Exterior Glass

Vacuum All Carpet, Floor Mats & Seats

Basic Seat Cleaning

Clean Dash & Door Panels

Clean Door Jambs

Check Engine Fluid Levels

Check All Lights

Inspect Vehicle On Lift For Noticeable Vehicle Issues

Create Photo Package For Sales Ad (Pre-Sale)

Steam Disinfection Of Surfaces (New Purchase)


A-la-cart Services (Available separately, but listed prices are when added to detailing packages above)

Apply PPG Aquapel Windshield Treatment (6 – 12 month durability) Add $15

Clean, UV & Weather Protect Rubber Trim & Seals  Add $25

Black Trim Color Restoration By Estimate

1-Stage Paint Polishing By Estimate

Multi-Stage Paint Correction By Estimate

Deep Clean, UV & Weather Protect Convertible Top Add $25

Headlight Yellowing Restoration Starting at $75 / pair                                                                    

Deep Leather Cleaning & Protection By Estimate                                                                                    

Full Carpet Or Seat Upholstery Hot Water Shampoo Starting at $100

Steam Disinfecting of Surfaces By Estimate

Floor Mat Fabric Protection Starting at $20

Carpet & Upholstery Fabric Protection Starting at $50

Vehicle Deodorizing By Estimate

Engine Detailing & Degreasing By Estimate