Detailing Services

Professional Detailing Services

Vehicle detailing is not a one size fits all service. Your car is cared for based on its’ particular needs. Below is a general listing of services we can provide. Each service is tailored to your situation, so please tell us your concerns so we can best address them.


Gold Level Service $150-$180, Please Allow Up To 6 Hours

Hand Wash Exterior With High Quality Car Shampoo

Remove Bug And Tar Residue

Paint Surface Decontamination To Remove Bonded Surface Contaminants From Paint

Hand Wax Vehicle With High Quality Wax

Clean & Dress Wheels & Tires

Clean Exterior Glass

Wipe Down Exterior Black Trim

Vacuum All Carpet, Floor Mats & Seats

Dust & Clean Dash, Console & Steering Wheel

Clean Door Panels & Pillars

Clean Door Jambs & Interior Glass

Basic Upholstery, Leather, Or Vinyl Cleaning

Platinum Level Service $280-$360, Please Allow Up To 9 Hours

Includes Everything Above Plus

1-Stage Paint Polishing To Restore Gloss

Paint Sealant For Longer Lasting Protection

Additional Final Wax Coat

Wheel Wax To Decrease Brake Dust Damage

Eco-Friendly Wash & Wax Starting at $35, Please Allow 1 Hour

Hand Wash Paint And Wheels Using Rinseless Wash Technique

Light Coat Of Wax Included

Dress Tires

Pre-Sale Or New Purchase Clean & Inspection Starting at $150, Please Allow 4 Hours

Hand Wash Exterior

Clean & Dress Wheels & Tires

Clean Interior & Exterior Glass

Vacuum All Carpet, Floor Mats & Seats

Hot Water Extract Upholstery Or Basic Leather Seat Cleaning

Clean Dash & Door Panels

Clean Door Jambs

Check Engine Fluid Levels

Check All Lights

Inspect Vehicle On Lift For Noticeable Vehicle Issues

Create Photo Package For Sales Ad (Pre-Sale)

Steam Disinfection Of Surfaces (New Purchase)


A-la-cart Services

Apply PPG Aquapel Windshield Treatment (6 – 12 month durability) Add $15

Clean, UV & Weather Protect Rubber Trim & Seals  Add $20

Black Trim Color Restoration Starting At $75

1-Stage Paint Polishing By Estimate

Multi-Stage Paint Correction By Estimate

Deep Clean, UV & Weather Protect Convertible Top Add $20

Headlight Yellowing Restoration Starting at $75 / pair

Color Matched Paint Touch-Up Starting At $100                                                                           

Deep Leather Cleaning & Protection By Estimate                                                                                    

Full Carpet Hot Water Shampoo Starting at $100

Steam Disinfecting Starting at $30

Floor Mat Fabric Protection Starting at $20

Carpet & Upholstery Fabric Protection Starting at $50

Vehicle Deodorizing By Estimate

Engine Detailing & Degreasing By Estimate