Bicycle Repair

We are now offering bike repair!

Just drop off your bike at the shop and let us know what you need. Turnaround time depends on your service needs and parts availability, but many services can be completed in as little as 1 to 3 days.

Pricing (Parts + Tax not included):

Basic Tuneup – $40 – This is a recommended starting point for most bikes so we can assess the condition of your bike and make any needed recommendations

Includes: Inspection
Fr/Rr Derailleur Adj
Fr/Rr Brake Adj
Bottom Bracket Adj
Headset Adj
Wipe Down Frame/Wheels
Tire Inflation
Test Ride To Assess Condition

Minor Tuneup – $80

Includes a Basic Tuneup + truing both wheels

Minor Tuneup + Drivetrain Cleaning – $125

Includes Minor Tuneup + removal and cleaning of cassette, chain, chain rings

Major Tuneup – $250

Includes Minor Tuneup + Drivetrain Cleaning + Removal, Cleaning, and Repacking of Bearings

Tube or Tire Replacement – $8/Wheel

Brake Pad Replacement/Adjustment – $10/Wheel

Wheel Truing – $20/Wheel